Our show garden revolves around the theme of finding peace amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Echoes the idea of creating a peaceful haven within an urban landscape, providing visitors with a sanctuary where they can relax and reconnect with nature. The garden has two towering palm trees at the entrance and two more behind the outdoor room, symbolizing strength and resilience. A curved walkway over a water lagoon leads to an outdoor room surrounded by lush vegetation. The Outdoor room structure Inspired by the iconic Sydney Opera House, the build serves as a focal point for relaxation, while the corner couple seating area represent the importance of being close to loved ones in the bustling city. The organic rough steppingstones before the curved pathway signify the rough journey before you are on the right path towards inner peace.The design is a collaboration with Margret River Trees, framed with the striking boldness of towering Bottle Trees, one of Australia’s greatest trees. In addition, the Show Garden will showcase further trees over 500 years old, celebrating their architectural brilliance in this contemporary garden setting combined with a mix of Australian Native plants. A contemporary landscape garden celebrating Australian Native Plants, limestone garden beds, decked boardwalks and a large body of water sets the scene for this Wellness Garden. The large body of water that will create a range of reflections that remind us of the mysterious wonders of nature. The garden will have a entertaining area for the friends and family to gather and eat, outdoor room for one to rest and relax, whilst the garden will take one on a journey through the space leading one to a range of sitting areas. A Shenzhen Flower Time Garden created in China.

The garden has a grand entrance signifying the point that once consciousness will transform to a sense of pure joy and wellness.

When one enters the garden a Forrest of traditional Japanese trees and shrubs will bath one’s senses combined with 2 large bodies of water, the pure form of calmness.

A natural stone cobble pathway leads one through the garden with soft ground covers hugging each step stone, the pathway winds its way and ensures the viewer must walk slowly focusing on each step, to the left a sunken fireplace area 4m perfectly round circular seating area allows one to gather, laugh and reflect.

Before entering the outdoor room that is softened with a green rooftop a negative space of raked river sand and charcoal pebbles creates that emptiness that is so critical for once mind.

The focal point to the garden is a large garden waterfall that creates the movement and cleansing element to the garden, with a traditional Japanese rice paper wall creating the backdrop to the garden.

The 4m x 4m outdoor room creates a place for contemplation and a chance to immerse oneself into nature, a small decking area nestled into the corner of the front lagoon creates an idyllic spot to just be.

State-of-the-art lighting transforms this space into pure delight as the sunsets giving the garden a new identity after dark.

Large black sculpture pebble and a large sculpture 1.6m high egg add a sense is serialism to this garden titled Composition a place to explore one’s inner consciousness.

A three award-winning garden design for the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Welcome to Inner Calm a tropical-inspired garden designed to transport the viewer from their daily routine to a place full of serenity, calmness, and rest. Today it is more common that people feel tired, stressed, anxious, and depressed, we have all been trapped and the world is moving very quickly.

How do we find fulfillment? Inner Calm has been designed to help combat all of these problems by creating a garden to bring people together in a relaxing setting surrounded by Nature, the greatest medicine of all, a garden that allows us to connect, slow down and be aware of the things around you, paying attention to the sound, sight, texture and savour the scent. Upon arrival one is greeted by a formal entrance with 2 oversized hand-carved stone elephants signifying kindness, strength, and stability. At this point, one can observe the balance of the garden with a play of symmetry, height, and order with a soft curvaceousness of the space. The garden has a perfect oval shape of 14m long x 12m wide that has been wrapped in Australian limestone, looking into the garden a large lagoon creates a calming and soothing ambiance, whilst capturing a mirror-like reflection with the black water.

Steps lead one onto large floating limestone slabs leading one across the water with soft planting of Dichondra adding pops of green as one is transported through the garden to a Polynesian-inspired pavilion, creating a striking pose of architectural form and function to the space. The pavilion acts as an Outdoor Lounge room, creating a place to gather, rest and reflect. The tropical contemporary-inspired styling is intended to create a sense of calm whilst the skylights allow the natural light to enter the space.

Adding to the form and function of Inner Calm the garden has both an Outdoor Kitchen area with a canter levered roof, and organic inspired sunken seats are equipped with a fire bowl adding to the many ways to enjoy the garden, which is a continually growing trend in today’s garden requirements.

The garden has been designed with a strong disposition. The palms have been planted in a sequence creating a strong sense of order and balance; plants have been planted in waves hugging the perimeter of the garden. Two large Dracaena Draco’s sit proudly in the lagoon adding a strong textural element, combined with a less structured planting hugging the banks of the lagoon, which are cascading onto the water's edge. Adding impact to the garden 2 large Mexican palms and Chinese Fan palms tower above the garden. The sound of water cascades from two large stone female carvings, hiding in the rear of the pavilion adding to the subtle symmetry of the garden. This creates a secondary entry and exit to the space, particularly for those not wanting to walk over the water.

Inner Calm is a contemporary tropical-inspired garden, designed to feel like a sense of ease is washing over you, allowing one to see things clearly, peacefully and free from stress and worry. I hope you enjoy the journey of Inner Calm.

In 2021, the Christian Jenkins team was privileged enough to be asked to star on the Channel 9 TV Series, The Block. Designing both the front-yard and back-yard for contestants Mitch and Mark. This portfolio details some images taken of the front yard design that was chosen as best front yard design on the block, winning Mitch and Mark the "Front Yard Week" award.In 2021, the Christian Jenkins team was privileged enough to be asked to star on the Channel 9 TV Series, The Block. Contestants Mitch and Mark approached Christian Jenkins and his team with a landscaping brief. We are proud to say Mitch and Mark were ecstatic with the final result, stating that we went above and beyond with the landscaping brief. Check out what 9 Now (Channel 9) has to say at The Block 2021 backyard reveal: Mitch and Mark's backyard and pool Week 10 | Season 17 (nine.com.au) This Brighton Garden was inspired by the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Shows Fantasy Garden I built-in 2016. The timber cladded Cocoon creates a sculptural art piece to the garden and a wonderful place to sit and relax.
A Fish pond was incorporated into this design with a small entertaining deck.

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